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Busy creating…

Here’s our little cottage by the sea that Jan and I just purchased.  So I have been busy creating an atmosphere of ocean life and restfulness at our little get away.  It is here that I hope to conjure up some ideas for my art.  We just have a few little “tweaks” to do to make it our own with our personal touches.  We named the cottage the “Bridge” because the Sagamore Bridge is the view we have from our living room window.

Christi Friesen

What a wonderful weekend, September 16-18, 2011  spent at Darbella Studio in Hollis New Hampshire…Christi Friesen of California, a polymer clay artist, author of many books, videos, world traveler, taught 8 students  from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Virginia, and New Hampshire  a few “tricks of the trade”.  We made an articulated bear or fox made with Ultra light clay baked, then carved…we made little “steampunk” birds…the stained glass technique she invented is way cool and must be seen to be really appreciated…I made a little seahorse that went into a bottle: ( that is not complete yet…just the seahorse is in there so far), I made a mini fish about 1/2 ” long…we also made boxes from clay then put whatever we wanted inside… I made a heart for my box, then filled the inside of the box with resin.

Christi is a fantastic teacher, a really fun person to be around…we all ate good food, shared stories and speaking for myself, this was the best class I have even taken and Christi ranks number one in my book!  I met some wonderful women who I plan to keep in touch with…I also will be taking more classes at Darleen’s studio in Hollis NH.  Darleen is also an incredibly talented artist…she was on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” and her work is super.  Check her out at : www.darbelladesigns.blogspot.com

There’s a link to Christi here at my  blog…look for cforiginals.net

Dracut Fire Department

Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of Dracut’s fire fighters.  I donated the 9-11 Memorial plaque I made to them. It was a very pleasant experience.  After, I went to their sub station where the 9-11 Memorial is located on Broadway Road.  One cannot help but get goose bumps when you see the piece of steel from one of the Towers.  I said a prayer, touched the steel… I will never forget.  Directly across the street is the Ogonowski farm.  I saw Captain Ogonowski’s Mom in the front yard.  I wanted to stop and give her my condolences but felt I would  be intruding.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that lost loved ones that day…the images of that day will stay with me till the day I die.  God bless America.

9-11 Memorial Plaque…

I contacted the 9-11 Memorial Committee in Acton, MA… they do not want the 9-11 plaque I made claiming they have no place to display it.  So today I will call the Dracut Fire Department where they have a 9-11 Memorial and see if they would like the plaque.  Captain John Ogonowski, pilot of flight 11, lived in Dracut.  His family has a farm across the street from the fire hall where a Memorial  was erected. .. a piece of steel from the Twin Towers is a key part of the Memorial as are other artifacts.  My next plan, if Dracut does not want the plaque, will be to see if my home Town of Shirley would like  to display it in the Town Offices.