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Memorial Day at the Bridge…

Here are a few pictures of the gardens at our cottage at Sagamore Beach Cape Cod.  Beth and Ann worked hard a few weeks ago and cleaned out the mess that was there.  Jan and I tweaked it a little and started putting our personal touches to the yard.  We got a little more to do…I want to add some bird houses and some more yard ornaments and a fountain.  We had an awesome weekend at the cottage we call the Bridge.  We attended our first condo meeting and met all our neighbors.  The weather was great…we walked the Canal bike path, had some super clam chowder and totally enjoyed the sea breezes.  Kinzee had fun too!

Tim Holtz class…

Here’s the fruits of the two other classes I took at AE with Tim Holtz.  The necklace, called “Charmed Possessions”,  has many charms that were altered, painted, faux patina added and even beads made from plastic tubing.  We learned many different techniques during this class.  The ruler journal  called “Journeys of the Past” is made from large manilla tags and kraft glassine with the pages inked, distressed, and flip pages.  The pages are then embellished.  Every time I take a class from Tim I always learn new techniques and tips…never mind all the fun we have with an incredible teacher and awesome guy.  Check Tim out at www.timholtz.com.  you’ll be glad you did!

Weekend with Tim Holtz…

What a fun-filled weekend at Absolutely Everything with Tim Holtz. In the picture from left to right:

the incredible Super Mario, Kate, owner of AE and the awesome Tim Holtz.  We crafted and learned so many tips that by Sunday night I was exhausted.  But, as usual, Tim outdid himself!  To the right is a picture of the pull toy I made called “Heart and Soul”…what a neat project.  It was also fun to re-connect with women that I met a few years ago at another Tim weekend.  There were women there from as far away as Ohio, Connecticut, Florida, and New York.  Kate also had us laughing and kept us supplied with CHOCOLATE…yummy!  So I send a big thank you to Kate for hosting this great weekend adventure in art, to Tim for all the hours of putting up with us crazy gals, Mario for his running back and forth to make sure we all had everything we needed, and also to the entire staff of Absolutely Everything for making my weekend Absolutely great!  I’ll post some pictures of the other things I made in a few days.

Free time…

Hi everyone…this is Kinzee, top Schnauzer.  My Mom wanted me to tell everyone that the voters did not re-elect her as Constable or to the elected position as sewer commission.  But, that is ok.  Mom has her own business as a Process Server and I am one of her associates.  We serve subpoenas and all probate process through the state!  I am her number one go to person to get the job done right.  See the look of intelligence in my eyes…notice the flag in the back ground…we are here ready to serve the American way!

Thank you to all the Shirley residents that came out to vote on Tuesday.  What a sad state of affairs…out of almost 4000 registered voters only 530 came out to cast their ballots… such apathy.

Election day at last….

  Today the voters in Shirley will decide whether I will be re-elected for another three years as Constable…they will also decide if I will be an elected sewer commissioner.  I currently serve as an appointed commissioner.  So AMEN, it is over tonight and I will be back to claying.  This weekend I am taking classes in Topsfield, both Saturday and Sunday, with Tim Holtz.  I always enjoy taking Tim’s classes…they are relaxing, fun, and always a learning experience!  It will be  nice  to forget the politics and just enjoy meeting new people and chilling out.  Jan will be on the greens golfing with Ann.  FORE!!!

Dr. Robo…

May I introduce Dr. Robo.  He is a steampunk robot made from polymer clay with various “finds”  I have collected.  He has a caduceus on his back along with a red tail light.  He also has a clear headlight in front and an integrated circuit that powers his movements.  Dr. Robo was made for an awesome young man, Dr. Damon Gray, who will be graduating from medical school this Saturday. I know you will be an outstanding doctor Damon…you are an inspiration to me.

Anatomy book…

  I made this book a few  years ago for a friend who was paralyzed after being hit by a bus in Boston.  He was in medical school at the time.  Damon’s Grandmother and I have been friends since I was 11 years old and she was devastated when the accident occurred.  But Damon is such a strong young man and he did not let his disability get him down. Damon will graduate from medical school on May 19 and no one could be prouder than his Grandmother Frances.  So thumbs up to you Dr. Gray…I am also proud to call you friend!  Damon will start his residency at St. Elizabeth.