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2013SkullandGhosts2013SkullandGhostscombinedI made 6 Halloween pendants for the gals at Fidelity Bank in Shirley. They were made from Premo polymer clay.  The large skull was made by Dick Krauchune…he just got a super cool 3-D printer and made the skull for me…I freaking love technology!  It amazes me that you can print an object 3-D in plastic, from a spool of plastic strands.


2013LibertyNecklaceThis polymer clay Statue of Liberty pendant was made for my friend Brenda, a member of the Statue of Liberty Club.  It will be waiting for her at her South Carolina home when she returns from the SLC meeting being held this weekend in NYC. The pendant is made from Premo clay…the picture is a clay transfer. I highlighted the mini clay balls with mica powders.  Enjoy my friend!


Vette  9-28-13 Yesterday I rented a 2013 Anniversary Edition Corvette for Jan’s birthday.  We tooled around Massachusetts and New Hampshire for a few hours with Jan at the wheel…that was on her “bucket list” and I was able to fill her dream!  We had the top down on the convertible the whole while, the weather was supreme, and we had a blast. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my woman…you have filled all my dreams, I hope I made one of your dreams all you expected.  I love you…


2013 ShineHeartThe SHINE Initiative was founded in 2004 to raise awareness of mental illness and to work to lessen the stigma attached to it.  This polymer clay pendant was made for my friend Joyce, the manager at Fidelity Bank in Shirley.  Fidelity Bank has raised thousands of dollars for this program.


Liberty HouseTT 2007 055.jpgThis  9-11 memorial fountain was designed by me…I will never forget that day our country was attacked.  I remember as a young woman playing the guitar in the 70’s and singing this song…”Last night I had the strangest dream I ever had before…I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war…”  From my lips to God’s ears.  God bless America.


2013_SacredHeartIn the style of Laurie Mika, this “shrine” was made for my neighbor who just a week or so ago lost her husband Chet to cancer.  Chet was a very sweet, kind man who always had a smile for everyone and was a wonderful husband and Father to his two sons Joseph and Charles.  The heart in the center was a glass ornament that I colored with alcohol ink then made a crown of thorns from polymer clay. Most of the tiles are polymer clay but I used a row of glass tiles near the center. The cross if from Italy and there is also a St. Joseph metal embedded in the clay. Chet’s family is very religious and I hope this tribute to Chet gives the family some comfort.  Chet will be missed.


Jeano 2013 This tile plaque was made for a very dear friend who is celebrating her 66th birthday on September 13th…no wait…is it her 80th birthday???  Gotcha, payback is a bitch!  That’s for all the times you asked me if I was going to be 79 or 80 on my birthday!  The tiles were stamped, dusted with mica powders and a few pieces of bling added, plus an impression of the Statue of Liberty…and no, your collection is nowhere near mine.  Happy birthday Jeano!!!