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2015 Little Book for DeserieThis little book measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″…the covers are made from Sculpey’s Souffle polymer clay. The signatures are sewn together using the Coptic stitch over ribbon. I finished the cover with mica powder. I hope you like it my friend!


2015 Quitlted HeartThis heart pendant was made for my friend Tina, quilter extraodinaire. I used Premo polymer clay…There is a needle and some wire for “thread”. The center square is made up of  small pieces to make the quilt square.  It is finished with mica powders.

PEEP, the Makin’s BUNNY

2015-2 Peep Bunny tm This is Peep, the silly Easter bunny. I used Makin’s air dry clay with some watch parts and a spring for the tail. He will be hopping around looking for carrots!


2015 Little Book for DebbieHere’s a little book I made with some brass plates that I salvaged from an old clock.  I covered the plates with Sculpey’s Souffle clay…I added a picture of Deb’s folks in sepia: (thanks Jan for your photo skills), then covered the picture with Magic Gloss. I added three signatures and used the Coptic stitch to bind the signatures together. The book measures 1 3/4″ x 2 1/4″.  Pick our your favorite pictures of your family and I will put them in your little book!


2015-1 HeartHere’s a little steampunk heart I made using Makin’s Air Dry Polymer Clay. The inclusions are numerous watch parts, a few rivets, and glass pins. The tear in the heart is “stitched” with jump rings cut in half. I dusted the piece with mica powder.


Makins Design Team 2015  Along with 11 other very talented artist, I was selected to be on Makin’s Clay first ever design team. Makin’s clay is an air dry polymer clay. This is quite an honor and I am very excited about this adventure!  I will post, a little later, the first piece I have made with Makin’s clay.  This is going to be a very busy fun year.

For Sharon Wark…

2015 Sharons MomI made this pendant for my classmate and friend Sharon. Here’s a picture of her lovely Mom in the center of the keyhole. I used Sculpey’s Souffle clay, mica powders, a piece of mini ball chain, and some glass beads.  It is on its way to Texas!  Miss you my friend.