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Christi Friesen

What a wonderful weekend, September 16-18, 2011  spent at Darbella Studio in Hollis New Hampshire…Christi Friesen of California, a polymer clay artist, author of many books, videos, world traveler, taught 8 students  from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Virginia, and New Hampshire  a few “tricks of the trade”.  We made an articulated bear or fox made with Ultra light clay baked, then carved…we made little “steampunk” birds…the stained glass technique she invented is way cool and must be seen to be really appreciated…I made a little seahorse that went into a bottle: ( that is not complete yet…just the seahorse is in there so far), I made a mini fish about 1/2 ” long…we also made boxes from clay then put whatever we wanted inside… I made a heart for my box, then filled the inside of the box with resin.

Christi is a fantastic teacher, a really fun person to be around…we all ate good food, shared stories and speaking for myself, this was the best class I have even taken and Christi ranks number one in my book!  I met some wonderful women who I plan to keep in touch with…I also will be taking more classes at Darleen’s studio in Hollis NH.  Darleen is also an incredibly talented artist…she was on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” and her work is super.  Check her out at : www.darbelladesigns.blogspot.com

There’s a link to Christi here at my  blog…look for cforiginals.net

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