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What a face….

Now how can you look at a face like this and deny her any cookies?  Poor Kinzee could not have any treats or breakfast this morning because the mobile vet is coming to do some blood tests…but she won’t be here till 11 AM …try explaining that to Kinzee.  Missy Barky Pants isn’t even looking out the window and barking like a fool…she is just depressed and looking very pithetic…boo hoo….poor baby BooBoo.  So, I promised to take her to McD’s and get a burger and fries after…that ought to cheer her up!


I decided to give away both the “Unchain My Heart” pendant, and the “Heart of my Heart”.  So Crystal, you won the “Heart of my Heart” pendant…please email me your address.  Cher, you won the “Unchain My Heart” pendant, please email me your address and the pendant will be on its way to you!  Next month I will have another give away so stay tuned!  Thanks to all for checking out my blog.

Unchain my heart…

Unchain my heart pendant is made from Premo polymer clay.  I used some eyelets, a mini lock and key, some mini screws, a few watch parts attached with glass pin heads, and a small chain.  I also enhanced the patina with some mica powders, and Rub and Buff.  There’s only one that holds the key to my heart.


This polymer clay pendant was made from Premo polymer clay.  It is adorned with watch parts, copper wire and some mini screws.  On the back of the heart, I used a new product packaged by Christi Friesen, called SWELLEGANT…it makes the surface look like aged metal. Leave a comment  and on Tuesday, March 20th, I will select a winner! 


BOLO is police jargon for “be on the lookout”… If my plan goes as I hope, tomorrow, before I leave for the Cape, I plan on posting my latest creations.  One will be a “GIVE AWAY”.    My 67th birthday is Tuesday, the first day of Spring.  I want to give a gift instead of receiving.  I have been blessed with so much in my life that nothing pleasures me more than giving.  If my ace photographer gets the photos on my computer, I will have them on my blog.  Post a comment and on my birthday I will pick a winner.  BTW, all my friends that post are winners but only one name will be drawn to receive the gift!

Liberty Ornament…

Last year, at a class at Darbella Studio in Hollis NH, we made ornaments…we started with a glass ball that we covered with polymer clay. Under the guiding hand of Darleen, I made this Liberty character.  I never would have been able to do it without her help…thank you Darleen!  Miss Liberty will be added to my collection of over 1500 statues and Liberty memorabilia.  After I finished the ornament, it just hung out in my studio unfinished, plain old white.  So, after I saw that Christi Friesen was packaging a new product, metal coatings called SWELLEGANT, I decided to finally finish the ole gal. I am very pleased with the results and now Lady Liberty can feel “dressed” instead of the pale skin she bore for months. Check out CForiginals…there’s a link to her blog on mine.

Here comes Peter Cottontail…

A few weeks ago I took a class at Darbella Studio in Hollis NH taught by Sue Wrisley, a very talented polymer clay artist.  We learned how to make clay cutters out of brass strips and here is the bunny pin I made from the cutter.  I think Peter is very cute…Darleen, who owns Darbella Studio, raises bunnies and there are quite a few baby bunnies that Peter had his eyes on!  If you get a chance, hop over to Sue’s etsy shop and see her awesome cat pins…see the link ARTSANDCATS