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2017 Erin BookThis little book measures 1 3/4″ X 2 1/2″and is made from black Sculpey® Souffle polymer clay. I rolled out the clay on my Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® and textured the covers with a Makin’s® Texture Sheet then added mica powders to get the desired look. My friend Erin lost both her Mom and Dad within 7 weeks of one another.  Lucy and Randy were wonderful kind people who will be missed by the entire community.  Erin, I hope you will put some little photos of your folks in this tiny memory book.




2017 Pumpkin FestMade this pumpkin named Jack II for a friend that is being hassled by a nasty person.  I used Premo® polymer clay over a glass jar then antiqued it with burnt umber oil paint. Used my Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® to roll out the clay then sculpted the features with my Makin’s Professional® Clay Tools.





2017 witches eye finalHere’s my October Makin’s Clay® Design Team project.  I gave it to a long time friend who has an October birthday. Head over to Makinsclayblog.blogspot.com for complete instructions and you can make one too!  Here’s looking at ya!






2017 Going BattyI had one of those new light bulbs and when I went to unscrew it the whole glass top came unglued.  The bottom was smooth and finished so I thought it would make a cool moon.  I rolled out a sheet of black Makin’s Clay® using my Makin’s  Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® on a very thin setting and let it dry overnight. Then I had my artistic wife draw some bats on the dried sheet of clay.  Next I cut out the bats with scissors and glued them onto the glass orb. A battery operated tea light is under the orb which sets on a large bottle cap that I painted black. Done…recycled parts turned into a Halloween project. Anything is possible with Makin’s Clay®!




2017 Pumpkin Jack1I found a cute little jar at a junk store that I visit every few months.  I always find cool things for projects. So I covered the little jar with Sculpey® Souffle polymer clay and sculpted the details to make Jack.  A battery operated tea light is inside and makes him glow. I used my Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® to roll out the clay and my Makin’s Professional® Clay Tools to add the details.






2017 CYI love the Fall season and Halloween. While passing through a local graveyard I happened to bump into this little monster. He told me his name was CY.  I did not question him but ran like hell!  Cy was made with Makin’s Clay®.  Even the teeth are Makin’s®.  Be very watchful when you are out and about during October…you never know what kind of monster may be lurking around.  BOO!