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Cape Cod Canal…

This is the view we have across the street from our cottage…that is the Sagamore Bridge and a barge going down the Canal toward Buzzard Bay.  What a cool location for our second home.  I am going there tomorrow to make sure everything is okay after last weeks gas leak.  Thank God my realtor called Amerigas and they came to fix the two gas leaks.  I am having the plumber who installed the gas tankless hot water heater remove it and put in an electric tankless hot water heater instead…I am not comfortable after that experience with a gas heater!  He was very apologetic and is doing this exchange at no cost to us to make up for his mess up.

I am also posting a picture that was on the fridge when we bought the place…the blue cottages in the back ground is Ships Way, our association…see all the people who were there to see the tall ships pass in the Canal.

The Bridge…

Yesterday was quite an eventful day at the Cape…I went there to check out the cabinets that we had someone paint.  I was putting our stuff away in the cabinets and started feeling a little sick…headache, nauseous etc.  Then I walked into the bedroom to put something in there…I smelled something kinda nasty and thought maybe a mouse had died in the wall…then it hit me…PROPANE!!!  We had a plumber put in a tankless hot water heater in the bedroom closet to replace the older electric one that was there when we bought the place.  You can bet I got my sorry butt out of there real quick.  Called the plumber, got no answer…so I called my realtor and they got the gas company there right away…they found two gas leaks!   I was really upset at what could have been a very dangerous situation.  I bet my realtor will not be recommending him to a home owner again!

Looking back on Summer

My 911 memorial fountain will be drained and closed within a week or so to get ready for Winter.  I will miss the sweet smells of Summer, the pretty yellow flowers of the trumpet vine, the hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower and the frogs hopping around the yard….then before you know it the snow will melt, the crocuses will be popping their little heads out of the chilled soil and a rebirth of all things Spring will begin.  I love New England and the changing seasons.


I have been rather busy getting ready for the winter weather…put away yard ornaments, draining fountains, getting the pool house closed for the season, and going to the Cape house twice a week to get our little cottage by the sea ready for a winter hiatus.  Albeit there is heat there, we decided to close it this first winter of ownership.

Consequently I have not put any clay in my hands or worked on any art projects other than a couple of chairs for the Cape that I decoupaged…so here is a journal that I made a while back for my friend’s grandson who is in medical school.  Damien was hit by a city bus in Boston a few years ago…he is now a paraplegic but that has not slowed him down and next May he will be a doctor!

I have also posted a picture of one of the chairs that I decoupaged with a post card of the Sagamore Bridge…the other chair has a post card of the Bourne Bridge.  The little table in the picture is from 1925..real cute with an enameled top!


I took a class last Friday at Darbella Studio in Hollis NH…Darleen taught us how to make Mexican “sugar skulls”.  The Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, is celebrated in the cities and countryside in central and southern Mexico November 1 & 2…it is a time when the people honor their deceased loved ones.  This tradition is becoming very popular in the U.S.

The skulls are made of polymer clay decorated as one sees fit, then antiqued with oil paint.  I had a blast with the new friends I made at Darbella Studio…we chat, play with clay,  have snacks, and we celebrate the time together sharing ideas and skills.  Darleen is an extremely talented polymer clay artist…she appeared on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” and her clay creations are fantastic!  Diane, from Rhode Island, the woman who started “Bottles of Hope”, a very  talented artist was also at the class.  I also learned a lot of neat tricks from Susan Wrisley : www.artsandcats.net    It is so inspiring to be in the company of so many talented, gifted women who share their life lessons of art and of life itself!  Thanks gals.  See you in a few weeks at another class!

Here’s a skull that Darleen made for me: “Lady Liberty”…think she knows that I am a Liberty fanatic?