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CAPE COD, and my gals.

  Yesterday I tried to post this and the words I wrote disappeared!  Anyway, here’s a picture of Kinzee waiting to go inside our cottage where we spent 5 days relaxing and enjoying the Cape.  Then, on the way home, we stopped at the  Mass Maritime Academy down the road from us at Buzzards Bay.  A beautiful tall ship from Indonesia was docked there and we were able to go onboard…even Kinzee was welcomed.  The ship then left Thursday to head to Boston before its trip back home to be retired.


I have been a little busy around the house here and at the Cape…but, I finally finished the pendant I had been working on called: “A tear for the Towers”.

This pendant is made of polymer clay and the image of the Towers is a photo transfer onto  polymer clay.  On the reverse side there is a faint image of the Statue of Liberty. The tear is wrapped with ball chain and a tiny heart is at the top. The image of the Towers is sealed in my tears, an image that will always be with me.  Who among us will ever forget that awful day.

Make a comment about how 911 impacted your life…did you know anyone who lost their life that day, a friend, a family member…how did this tragic event in history effect you.  In a couple of weeks I will pick a person who left a comment that moved me and the pendant will be theirs. God bless America.

Sagamore Beach…

 I just love this old postcard that Jan found of our place at Cape Cod…we think the picture was taken shortly after the cottages were built in the 30’s.  The tower is no longer there, and a recreation center building is now across the street on the banks of the Canal.   We read that when the Sagamore and Bourne bridges were being built, in the 30’s, that the Canal was widen and made deeper…the sand they excavated was then placed across the street from the Canal…that is why we are at an elevated height.