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2018 Steamy OcotoThis steampunk octopus was made using Sculpey Souffle™ polymer clay.  I made a silicone mold from an old doll head and was able to use that to fashion the head.  Several large and small gears were also used. The most labor intensive part was adding  the “suction cups” to the tentacles.  I used my Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® and their Professional® Clay Tools in the process.

For Megan



2018 Mechanical HeartMy friend Megan really loves all things steampunk.  Their new house actually has a steampunk theme so I thought she might like this pendant.  I used Souffle® polymer clay, mica powders, a couple of gears and some jump rings to make this piece. Steampunk is kinda my jam.




2018 sweetheartWhen Leslie Marsh, photographer and artist, posted that she was putting together a class to make some copies of WW1 sweetheart pincushions, I knew I had to make one from polymer clay.  During WW1, convalescing British soldiers and sailors created sweetheart pincushions to send home to their loved ones.  My sweetheart pincushion is made from Makin’s Clay®.  I used seed beads, sequins, headpins and lace to make mine.  Thanks Leslie for the inspiration and history lesson!





2018 PCA TreeI took another class with the Polymer Clay Adventure 2018…this one was Lala Ortiz’s class on a tree bottle. Used Sculpey’s® Premo and Souffle polymer clay to cover a glass salt shaker.  I also used my Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine®, one of their texture sheets and the Makin’s Professional® Clay Tools in the process of making my tree totem. So many cool classes to explore and create with the Polymer Clay Adventure 2018, and all for only $99




2018 Winter Time LogoFor my January Makin’s Clay® project I used some scrap pieces of dried clay to make this little Winter scene inside a watch case.  That is one of the cool things about Makin’s Clay®, there is no waste! Hop on over to Makinsclayblog.blogspot.com for complete instructions!  Happy New Year.




2018 PCA SuitcasePolymer Clay Adventure 2018 just began and I decided to start with Cat Kerr’s Journey Suitcase tutorial.  Here’s my interpretation.  PCA is a year long event.  24 teachers from around the world. All classes from the comfort of your home for only $99.  You will not find a better deal anywhere! This is my fourth year and I am LOVING IT!!!