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I was invited to show some of my art pendants in Scott Publications  2015 Spring edition of “JUST JEWELRY”…how exciting is that!  I will have a real big announcement in 6 days…can’t tell you about it right now but I am very pumped to be part of this design team…news to follow soon. 2015 is going to be a busy year! My ace photographer, Jan, will be very tired after I am done with all the new projects… Thanks for doing the head shot I needed.IMG_3225 copy2

For Brenda…

2015 Brenda's MomThis polymer clay pendant was made using Sculpey’s Souffle clay.  When it was cured, I used a new product that I learned about from the Polymer Clay Adventure, a year-long virtual retreat.  If you are new to clay or a seasoned clayer you might like to sign up for this…22 lessons from world renown polymer clay artist and numerous others in between for only $99! The new product is Pebeo, a French paint…I think it looks just like enamel! This pendant was made for my friend Brenda, she just lost her Mom.  You are in my thoughts and prayers Brenda.

Ryan’s Memory Box…

2015 Ryan's MeganI made this little tin for my friend Ryan. Sculpey’s Souffle polymer clay was used to cover the tin…I made a clay transfer for the center and finished the box with mica powders. Ryan, put all your thoughts and memories in this tin honoring your daughter Megan.

PMC 2015

2015 PMCThis year I made another pendant for my classmate Bill who has been doing the PMC bike race for years.  The pendant has a large gear surrounded by a chain…I used Sculpey’s Souffle polymer clay for this piece. I then finished the piece with mica powders. Hope the weather is better this year for the race!

Seiko Heart

2015 Seiko HeartThis heart pendant is made from Sculpey’s Souffle polymer clay.  The center piece is a watch back with a glass insert…under is a gear with a heart on top and a coiled spring on top of the heart.  I also used some parts from an old TV remote I took apart.  I circled the watch base with ball chain , then finished the piece with mica powder.


The Polymer Clay Adventure I am participating in also had a Bottles of Hope challenge.  Bottles of Hope are made and given to cancer patients for them to put their “wishes”in…this little bottle has a Statue of Liberty on it with a torch stopper. I used Souffle polymer clay and added the figure I had made a mold from one of my numerous statues. I then finished the piece with mica powders. The entries will be on display at the Charity Wings Arts and Craft Center in San Marcos CA. Let’s all pray for a cure from cancer.
2015 Liberty Hope

Heart Light…

2015 Feburary Studio Window2015 Heart Light View from my studio as we got an addition 15″ of snow yesterday… Spring is 45 days away but who’s counting.  I made this polymer heart from Souffle  clay by Sculpey. Inclusion includes a mini bulb, numerous watch parts, rivets and screw brads.  I finished the piece with mica powders.