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Let me introduce “LADYBIRD”… she is a ladybug that morphed into a bird!  She is made from Premo polymer clay with various watch gears, a brad eye and a real gem from an old watch that I dismantled. I then filled the recessed holes that the gears were in with a one part  UV cured resin.  I am in the process of making a memory tray from Tim Holtz’s new line of Configuration boxes and the idea for this pendant came up while formulating the theme for the tray.

Click here to play the song:    https://art4liberty.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/lucky-lady-bug.mp3 

ZIP 01464

Today, March 22, 2011,  is the official installation day of our new Post Master, Deanna White: (I have been teasing her for weeks now calling her installation, her coronation, thus the crown on the back). I made this little shadow box to welcome her to our Town.  I made the postal fairy Zip 01464, who sits on top of the box, to watch over her and make sure the mail is delivered through rain, sleet, you know the drill!

To make the box, I used Tim Holtz’s configuration boxes, and the new Journeyman tissue tape to join the seams.  The items inside I collected from postal employees at different locations.  Zip 01464 is made from polymer clay with watch parts and hardware adorning her fairy figure.  The letters on top were made by me from craft paper.

Deanna, welcome to Shirley, 01464, the most historical small town in the nation!

Birdie abodes…

After carving birds for about 6 years, I decided to make custom bird houses for a change of venue.  Here are just a few of the many houses I custom-made for friends and on commission.  All the houses were constructed from white cedar to withstand the elements.  Notice there are no perches on the houses.  Perches only give predators a place to rob the nests of either eggs or nestlings.  While I was in the “bird mode”, I took a home study course  from Cornell University on ornithology, which greatly increased my knowledge of our fine feathered friends.  Always remember: “be kind to your fine feathered friends, for a duck may be somebody’s Mother”.

Birds of a feather…


This is what I was doing in the early 80’s, carving realistic song birds…oh, and the mouse slipped in there!  These are a few of my carvings that I made while studying under the tutelage of Russ Coburn.  The birds all started from a block of basswood…the basic form was sawed out with a band saw, then all the detail was hand carved and museum quality glass eyes add to the realism. The feather details are burned in with a hot iron knife, then the birds are hand painted.  I only slipped once with the razor-sharp knives I used and wound up with a few stitches to my thumb…ouch.  After a few years of carving, I moved on to making custom bird houses.  I will post a few pictures of them in the near future.

“Inside my heart it still beats, boom boom..”

While watching TV one day, there was a Honda commercial…the song that was playing during the ad was very catchy, I immediately started singing the song.  We found the song online:  “Inside Still Beats” by Ellem, an English singer.  I thought of that song when I was designing and making this steampunk heart.

The center of the heart is filled with a one part epoxy, UV cured, and a small key is embedded in the center.  I used Premo clay with various watch parts adorning the heart…boom boom.

Steampunk Barky Pants…

Here’s my version of Kinzee, our mini schnauzer, in steampunk fashion.  One of her favorite pastimes, other than snacking, is barking her fool head off.  If one sits on the back of the couch and looks out the window, one can find numerous things to bark at…squirrels, birds, or just barking for the hell of it.  It is what a schnauzer does best!

This pendant was made from Premo polymer clay with various watch components and springs imbedded in the clay.  I finished it off with mica powders and a black paint wash.

i’m lovin’ it…

I made this box for Chris, the manager of the McDonald’s in Ayer.  He is a wicked cool guy that turned the store around and made it the best McD’s that I have ever gone to!  Customer service is number one when you go there, and Chris fits the bill.

The box is from Tim Holtz’s Configuration line and I also used Tim’s tissue tape to join the seams.  The contents are all old McD collectible from 1983 and 1987.