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My friend Vickie gave me this Avon Liberty Stamp…it was her Dad’s.  He use to be Post Master in our Town of Shirley.  I placed it right next to my chair so I can enjoy it everyday!  Thanks Vickie, I will think of your Dad every time I look at it.  Mr. Jurga was a wonderful man…very soft spoken and kind.

stamp 2stamp


2014 WhootieThis little polymer clay pendant was made for a gal at my bank who told me she loved owls. I used Premo clay, some watch parts, a couple locking washers and a brad. The sides have eyelets filled with Stickles. The owl is highlighted with mica powders. Who says I don’t give a hoot???


2014 Zing went the spring of my heartI used a spring, some watch parts, a screw and an old earring stud in this polymer clay heart pendant.  Then I highlighted with mica powders and used UV cured resin over the top.

Chalked Heart…

2014 Chalk HeartI took a class from PolyPediaOnline.Com: by Iris Mishly from Israel, called Cosmic Ceramic. I learned how to make “coffee” clay and use pastels and chalks to color the clay and give it the look of ceramic. So this is the first time I tried this technique.  The heart is made from Premo polymer clay, colored with chalks, and finished with a one step Crackle glaze. Iris is awesome and you can email her with questions … she answers so quickly…more classes from her are in my future.

Think it’s easy being me?????

Kinzee on chair 1-23-14Ok, so it’s cold outside…but, I still have to do my job.  That job being sitting on Mom’s chair and looking cute.  God only knows she failed at it!  The old gal is in her studio cleaning it…the stupid parrots have dust on everything and now and then I hear some bad words coming from her studio…hey, maybe if you took down the ridiculous gait you put in the doorway I could go in and help!  I better see some results of this labor or I will refuse to help in the future…and everyone knows I am the one that does EVERYTHING in this house!  Anyone got a treat for a poor starving Schnauzer???


Cape rugLeone Noddin made this custom crocheted rag rug for our cottage at the Cape.  I just LOVE it!!!  The blues and greens are so reflective of the Cape waters.  I brought the rug to its new home at our cottage today…it really looks awesome at the foot of our bed.  Thanks Leone, it is so beautiful and looks so nice and country Cape.


CarvingsI went to our cottage at the Cape this morning to check things out.  I was feeling rather silly so I posed these little carvings I did a few years back on an old codfish box.  These little characters are carved from a 1″ X 2″ block of bass wood.  The two naked ladies are Jan and I…the fishermen are guys that just came by our cottage and took up residency!  It was way too cold to be naked at the Cape!