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Maybe you noticed that I have not posted in a little while…I have been in the middle of a major studio reorganization and it is almost complete. My sister-in-law gave me this gorgeous IKEA desk and I am in heaven! It is AWESOME!  Thanks Beth and Ann. Here is a sneak peak at one of the drawers where I have put all my letter stamps, well most of them anyway.  I will post more pictures when it is complete and maybe even a video. I have sent a lot of my craft supplies that I do not use anymore to my BFF…she also is in the middle of a re-org of her studio!Drawer


I made this cool little heart with leftover dried Makin’s Clay®.  Head over to Makinsclayblog.blogspot.com for complete instructions.  See, there is no waste with Makin’s Clay®.Sidebyssidefinal

CHA 2016

How honored was I to have 4 of my pieces displayed at the Makin’s Clay® booth at the 2015 CHA :(Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show) in Anaheim California. The three pendants on the left are mine and the book with the birdcage is also mine. If all goes well with Kinzee and my health, I am hoping to attend next year when the show moves to Phoenix Arizona. Thank you Makin’s Clay® and thanks to our team leader Cindi McGee.


I made this little pendant using 10 different Makin’s™ texture sheets: (a different one is on the back). Mica powders were applied and I sealed it with Triple Glaze. I am totally in love with these texture sheets!2016 Makins Textures

TINY TIN SHRINE from Laurie Mika’s class

This is the second year of the Polymer Clay Adventure and kicking off the art retreat was a class from Laurie Mika. My interpretation is here, a little Altoid tin embellished with polymer clay. I used Sculpey III™ and added paint, mica powders and some metal inclusions. Instead of using the standard large Altoid tin, I used a mini one measuring 2 1/4″ X 1 1/4″…this shrine is very tiny. If you are interested in learning about polymer clay, sign up for the Polymer Clay Adventure 2016.  For a mere $99 you will get classes from world renown teachers, 24 of them, and you will have a blast!2016 Art Tin


If you have not visited PolymerClayTV.com then you are missing a lot. This little house was made from Souffle™ and Premo™ polymer clay. I used the Enchanted Rustic Fairy Door Silicone Mold and the Brick & Mortar Embossed Stamp from Polymer Clay TV to fashion this little house. The substrate is a piece of 2″ x 4″ wood shaped like a house. I used mica powders and a Makin’s® texture sheet on the roof. You might also want to check out the Polymer Clay Adventure, a year long online art retreat featuring 24 world renown teachers, a fantastic bargain at only $99.2016 Brick House yf


Bottles of Hope are small glass bottles covered with polymer clay and given to cancer patients.  They symbolize a wish and a hope for health.  This idea was founded by Rhode Island cancer survivor Diane Asti Gregoire and has spread internationally.  Makin’s Clay® is proud to have their designers supporting this worthy effort through the creation of Bottles of Hope featuring Makin’s Clay®.  The bottle I have made for January is in steampunk fashion with gears, ball chain and a crown.  There are wings on either side of the heart with the word SOAR embossed into the heart.2015 Bottle of Hope