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Made this fairy garden book for my friend Beth. Used Sculpey Souffle polymer clay and inclusions of a brass acorn, a metal door that opens and a metal window with glass beads inside. Felt good being in my studio after a long hiatus. I am planning to make another one for her.


My niece from Washington state is coming next month with her son Ethan. I have never met them and I am so excited to be able to spend time with them. My other niece from California and her middle daughter are also coming…I have not seen her in 40+ years! I am over the moon happy! I made this steampunk shrine for Ethan, my great nephew. Souffle polymer clay over a wood box with inclusion of gears, an old fuse, a light bulb and a pen clip make up this item. I will make things for the girls after they tell me what they want. Being united with long lost relatives is a dream come true. Love you guys!!!


I left some Makin’s Clay out to fully harden, then used my scroll saw to cut out a basic heart shape. I then carved the heart, rounding it out and beveling the sides. A few gears were added to the back and front of the heart along with a few screws and a scary cat piece. The heart was then colored with oil paint. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


I made this shrine with some cool parts I got from two awesome artists: Jen Crossley from Australia and Beth Miller Petricoin from Pennsylvania…thank you ladies! This was made for my new neighbor Alicia who is really into Halloween. I love creating using found objects and there are quite a few in this piece.


I made this hot air balloon for my friend Beth. Souffle polymer clay was used over a foil substrate. Gears and a propeller are on the bottom of the basket to aid in the lift of the balloon. I also used ball chain and numerous found object in the construction. Wouldn’t you like to ride in my beautiful balloon ♪ ♪


Gosh, I have not done this for so long…sigh. So Missy Rockfish was made for my best friend Jan. She resides in almost Canton and swims around in Jan’s bathroom. I used Souffle polymer over a corrugated cardboard substrate and embellished with gears, springs and eyelets. Something fishy is going on over there for sure!


FINALLY felt well enough to work in my studio! A while back I found these small wood shoe forms at an antique shop. I used Souffle polymer clay to cover the form and added various parts to steampunk the shoe. I incorporated some gears, ball chain, pen springs, a bulb base and 4 metal leads from an EKG’s I had a while back. The finish is Art C wax.


I took an old can that I had saved, cut it down in height and covered it with Souffle Polymer Clay to create a cover for my Echo Dot that I have on my porch. It protects Alexa from the weather and I can listen to music and enjoy sitting on my porch chilling out. Had not played in my studio in months but this inspired me to create more. It had to have a Liberty theme…that is how I roll.


My friend Beth Petricon, from Pennsylvania, send me a HUGE supply of awesome watch parts, mini bulbs, and other goodies from my art. It was like Christmas in February! Thank you so much my friend. I used some of the gears in this wall art I made for my girlfriend Maureen. I used Souffle polymer clay and numerous inclusions. I saw a piece Tim Holtz made and it inspired this project.


Maureen asked me to make a schnauzer to hang from her rear view mirror.  After getting Kona’s permission, I made this…Souffle polymer clay with numerous watch parts inclusions.