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This pendant was made from an old soup spoon.  I cut off the handle and bent over the small end of the handle to form a bale.  Black Makin’s Clay® was glued into the spoon bowl with Beacon’s™ Power-Tac.  The skull was made from Makin’s® Glow-in-the Dark clay and then glued onto the base with Beacon’s™ Tacky Glue.  I added red rhinestones to the eye sockets and applied some FolkArt® Diamond Gems Glitter Paint to give the background a starry night effect. I love Halloween and Makin’s Clay®.


Happy Halloween theme


I make this skull and tombstone entirely from Makin’s Clay®…gears, a spring and other findings adorn this handsome guy and Beacon’s™ Tacky  Glue keeps him all together. What, you don’t think he’s handsome?  He is in a purple haze funk….BOO2016-halloween-skull-logo


For my September Makin’s Clay® project, I made a nightmare catcher.  Used some Glow in the Dark clay and a ton of different Beacon’s™ Adhesives. BOO2016-nightmare-catcher3


In our front yard is this memorial that I designed of the 9-11 tragedy.  I named it the Tower of Tears …15 years ago, and our country will never be the same. God bless America and God bless the families who loss so much.2015-tower-of-tears-pic2

Hearts of Hope for Serbian Children…

Many artists around the world are making Hearts of Hope for Serbian children with cancer.  My friend Anya of Artensania Studios in Serbia and Fimo Polymer Clay are sponsoring this project. Here are my contributions. Thank you Anya for telling me about this…my pleasure to make these for the children.2016 Serbia Hearts


This Bottle of Hope, made with Makin’s Clay®, is for my friends Mom who has lung cancer. I incorporated as many of her likes as I could… the cross, a Bingo marker with the number 4, because she has four children, flowers and her favorite color purple.2016 Lucie Bottle of Hope


This is my little robot made for my August Makin’s Clay® project. I used the bottom of an Altoid Smalls tin. Extruded clay forms the arms and legs that I made look like pencils. Everything was glued in place with my favorite adhesives Beacon Tacky™ glue and Beacon Power-Tac.  Gears, a fuse and other old parts make up his body suit.  Go to Makinsclayblog.blogspot.com for complete instructions so you can make one!final 

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