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For my April Makin’s Clay® project, I made this little steampunk bird pendant. I used a variety of old watch parts and a small propeller to adorn her. You too can make this fine feathered friend. Go to makinsclayblog.blogspot.com for a complete tutorial!

Nature Yellow Spring Blue Yellow Flower Flowers

Nature Yellow Spring Blue Yellow Flower Flowers


I made these polymer clay ceiling fan pulls for our Cape Cod cottage a while back.  Much easier to use when one is short like me!  I added ball chain to make the pulls within reach. Cottage is open and ready for our enjoyment.  Wonder whether Kona will be happier there than Kinzee was, time will tell!

“Oz Didn’t Give Nothing To the Tin Man”

The Tin Man is my latest Makin’s Clay® project.  He stands 8 1/2″ tall not including the base which I textured with a hot knife.  I used my Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® to roll out sheets of clay which I then textured with a Makin’s® Texture Sheet. The substrate is cardboard and foil. I also use the Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® for the ax handle. I make a special mixture of clay thinned out with bottled water to form a “slip” to help in the bonding process. 

2017 Tin Man


Been in a little bit of a funk missing Kinzee…so I decided to repost this steampunk Schnauzer that I have hanging on my car mirror.  I made this a few years ago to make me smile while in my car… Kinzee was such a character.  Kona has BIG paws to fill!


Hello Mary Lou…

I said hello Mary Lou, this one’s for you…from one mighty Schnauzer lover to another. This little cutie is made from Sculpey’s Souffle® polymer clay.  I used my Makin’s Professional® Untimate Clay Machine® to roll out the clay and textured the back with my Makin’s® Square Patterned Roller Rod. Mica powders were used to highlight the dog. We both have lost our beloved fur babies but once a Schnauzer owner always a Schnauzer owner.  Our new girl, Kona, will be here in May… come on over and see our baby!

2017 schnauzer framed

Makin’s® 2017 Design Team…

I am thrilled to announce that I will be beginning my third year on the Makin’s Clay® Design Team.  Carole and Steph are also in their third year.  Welcome to our new team mates, it will be a fun adventure!

2017 Team


My Makin’s Clay® project, for the month of March, is a yo-yo.  I had never seen one made from Makin’s Clay® and decided to give it a go.  The curing time in between steps is a little long due to the thickness of the clay but I think the end results are well worth it.  Hop on over to:  makinsclayblog.blogspot.com for complete instructions!2017 YoYo with logo