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For non believers….

Nuns_0002  With my 68th birthday looming in the way too near future I wanted to post this pictureNuns_0001 for all my friends that do not believe I was ever a nun.  Now can you see the halo?  Yes, those were the days of my innocence, age 19…HAIL MARY…wow, have I changed!

I am the banjo player in this picture…

Maybe in this other picture you can see the little brat I was…but, I’ll never admit to it!girls


Let me introduce “LADYBIRD”… she is a ladybug that morphed into a bird!  She is made from Premo polymer clay with various watch gears, a brad eye and a real gem from an old watch that I dismantled. I then filled the recessed holes that the gears were in with a one part  UV cured resin.  I am in the process of making a memory tray from Tim Holtz’s new line of Configuration boxes and the idea for this pendant came up while formulating the theme for the tray.

Click here to play the song:    https://art4liberty.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/lucky-lady-bug.mp3 


Nothing like a good cup of joe to get you going!  Kinzee is the poster girl for the coffee at McD’s.  She has been hinting that she wants her own Blog claiming to use the residuals from the money she gets for doing coffee commercials to pay for the design of a Blog.  I am not sure my art can compete with such a stunning Schnauzer, but I will keep plugging at it trying to improve and maybe someday, someone will say: “what a stunning piece of art you made”.

Some of my art

Well, today I learned how to upload pictures onto my blog.  So here’s a few pictures of some of my art.  Three people have inspired me on this journey…namely Tim Holtz, Laurie Mika, and recently Christi Friesen.  I thank them for teaching me how to just do it, don’t be so critical of your work, because it is after all just art!   Most of all, it has been fun.   I have really enjoyed meeting Tim, Mario, and Laurie…fantastic teachers who put so much of themselves into the class, way more than the ordinary.  This Fall I hope to take a class in Hollis New Hampshire with Christi Friesen.

Warm weather coming!!!

The weather people are promising there will be a warm-up by week’s end… hurrah!!!   It has been a long, cold winter with snow, snow and even more snow.   Spring will be here soon with the crocus heads peeping through the soil, the robins searching for worms, and Kinzee and I out walking again.  We both ate way too many cookies this winter.

I made a polymer clay plaque I wanted to send to Oprah for the end of her 25 years on TV, and the beginning of her OWN : (Oprah Winfield Network) network.  When I searched for an address and called Harpo Studios, I was told that Oprah does not accept any unsolicited letters or packages…very frustrated!  I sent an email and hope I will get a response but I probably will not.

I watched a video Tim Holtz had on his blog for a cute little book made from one 12″ x 12″ piece of paper.  You should try making one…it is easy, fun, and makes a nice little gift.  I saw, on the video,a neat tissue tape dispenser that will be available soon.  Actually, I want one of EVERYTHING new he used at the CHA.  All the new dies, Configuration Trays,  wow…there goes my credit card  in overdrive!

Now to start my next project… I downloaded an online class from Christi Friesen, Foundpunk Pegasus…I’ll post a picture when it is finished.


Welcome to my Art4Liberty blog!

It is Sunday, February 13, 2011…the air is crisp, Lady Liberty is up to her knees in snow. We are all waiting for Spring to begin and a rebirth of nature’s cycle of trees budding, flowers blooming and the fresh smell of the earth uncovered from the winter’s blanket of snow and ice.
Settled in during the numerous snow falls this Winter got me working in my studio more…I took several online classes from Christi Friesen, made friends with a very talented young artist in Canada, Kimberly Hart, and of course followed Tim Holtz as he unveiled all the new awesome products at the CHA 2011 in California. Suze Weinburg announced her retirement…I am so happy I got to take a class from her last August at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield.                                                                                                          
Ink About It in Westford and Absolutely Everything are my two favorite stores for supplies and where you can get very helpful advice and guidance from the team of gals that work at both stores, creativity begins there.
I seem to be doing a lot of polymer clay plaques, a technique I learned from Laurie Mika a few years ago.
So this is a new adventure for me, blogging. I hope you will visit often and leave with a smile!