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Free time…

Hi everyone…this is Kinzee, top Schnauzer.  My Mom wanted me to tell everyone that the voters did not re-elect her as Constable or to the elected position as sewer commission.  But, that is ok.  Mom has her own business as a Process Server and I am one of her associates.  We serve subpoenas and all probate process through the state!  I am her number one go to person to get the job done right.  See the look of intelligence in my eyes…notice the flag in the back ground…we are here ready to serve the American way!

Thank you to all the Shirley residents that came out to vote on Tuesday.  What a sad state of affairs…out of almost 4000 registered voters only 530 came out to cast their ballots… such apathy.

2 Responses

  1. That is a sad turnout especially considering all the blood and sweat that went into earning such a priviledge! We take it for granted.
    Glad you will have more time to be creating!

  2. thanks for trying Pat… you are a good person!!
    enjoy your summer

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