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Things are progressing very well at our little cottage at the Cape…I made a little buoy light chain pull from polymer clay. We hung a CD holder, given to us from Beth, that looks like a ladder, over the bed.  I had carved a bunch of buoys about 14 years ago…Jan came up with the idea to hang them from the “ladder”.  We put an old ship model that Susan gave us up on one of the beams.  Later Saturday we walked at the Canal with Kinzee…it was a beautiful Cape Cod day…sun, mild breezes, salt air and a barge passed us by… sweet mysteries of life.  I am very blessed.

3 Responses

  1. What a cute cottage. Sounds lovely and relaxing… Enjoy it!

  2. Pat, your Cape house is adorable and decorated si nicely! I loved when we lived at the Cape as kids. I want to live near the water so bad…but in a warmer climate! LOL

  3. Today is the day to be on the cape! Your home away from home looks so inviting!

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