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Here’s the latest steampunk polymer clay heart I created.  I used watch parts, a gear, fuse, resistor and some pins. Some parts are encased in UV cured resin.  The gear over the watch stem represents the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

I decided to have a little contest…post a comment on my blog telling me why I should give you this heart and it could be yours!  On January 14, 2012, I will pick a winner!  I will ask Jan and Kinzee to assist in picking the winner.

13 Responses

  1. Oh my Pat, The Liberty at Heart polymer clay piece of art would be most Happy living here at Patriot Way with my Statue of Liberty collection. Ebony & Mandy (our mini schnauzers) would like Kinzee to know that they would like their Mom to win this contest.Thank you for the chance to win and Thank you for sharing.Also wishing you all a Happy Healthy New Year. Marilyn Mae from Buxton.

  2. Pat, the Liberty at Heart polymer clay piece would be most appreciated because you have made my heart happy with your caring manner. My own heart jumps for joy when I get invited to one of your parties. I have a lot of stress in my life and my heart is always fill of joy and happiness at your house. So, the polmer Heart, which I would hang in my room, would just remind me of the friendship you and I have formed and the happiness you bring to me. Olinda

  3. Hi Pat, Your heart is beautiful. Karen wears hers all the time. I wanted to leave a comment but would prefer someone else win your necklace because I’m already lucky enough to have 2 of your creations. Thank you. -Mary

  4. Gorgeous piece Pat! You do such amazing things with clay!

  5. I’ve always been intrigued by polymer clay and kinda afraid too! This is just beautifulll!!! I love steampunk and I would love to win this necklace to remember this great country we live in where we can be crafty and creative without being afraid to express ourselves!

  6. Pat – I would love to win your polymer heart creation for my daughter. She has been battling depression for the past 2 years, but I have seen some victories in these past few months. She is a steampunk kind of girl, and at 22 is learning to enjoy the freedoms and responsibilities of adulthood. She is a fellow crafter and appreciates unique pieces of jewelry. Thanks for a chance to win your beautiful art.

  7. This is beautiful – so glad Tammy posted your link so I could see your creations! (Bookmarking you!) I would love the necklace because it is so unique! 🙂

  8. I looooove this necklace!!! It is so funky, original and beautiful! I would love flaunt this around town!!

  9. Dear Pat,

    When I saw your heart, it reminded me that time is what my heart needs. There really is no reason why you should give it to me, but if you did I promise I would treasure it!

    Happy New Year!


  10. First of all Liberty is a good thing to pass along to all Americans. Your creations do this so well! I admire your blog for this reason and your creativity! Second of all this heart is so cool looking! Your steampunk style is so pretty! I love how you created this heart! It would be so very cool to wear this heart and explain the background of your creations to people who comment on it! I absolutely love it!
    Following your blog now to see what else you create!
    Thanks Tammy T for leading me to this blog!

  11. I love both your necklaces! What creativity and imagination. Wish I had it. Yes, the creativity AND the necklace! Maybe it would give me some of the class I lack…..ha It truly would look so great on anyone. Very clever piece.

  12. Unfortunately I live in the Uk 😦 I’ve told my hubby that we need to move to the States before the 14th Jan lol. I follow your blog and you are so inspiring and get the creative juices flowing. I love crafting and having 2 boys with MD I find it escapes from the pressures that that brings. Looking forward to your next blog to see some more of your creations!
    Maxine x

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