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Kinzee our hero…

Yesterday Jan, Kinzee and I went to the Cape to check some work our carpenter was doing.  The weather was nice and the traffic was light.  Our usual routine is that once we get there Kinzee gets a cookie.  We opened the door and immediately thought the place smelled kinda funky…we attributed it to the wind storm and rain that hammered the Cape last Saturday.  I gave Kinzee her cookie…she ate the cookie, tucked her tail in and headed for the bathroom.  We followed her there and she was hiding next to the toilet and would not come out.  This is not normal behavior for her…so I picked her up and made her sit on my lap on the couch…she was shaking a little.  Then I started getting a headache and feeling a little sick…Jan said she thought she smelled gas…now we are both thinking this cannot be happening again!  I went outside and walked the dog…I looked at the propane tank and everything seemed ok outside.  While I was walking the dog, I called my realtor and told her about the smell and the odd behavior of Kinzee…she said “Pat leave now”!  Jan and I left and tried calling Amerigas on my cell phone but kept getting a busy signal.  I called my realtor and asked her to try calling them and I also called the plumber that installed the tankless hot water heater and told him about the smell.  He was supposed to be there later that day to remove the gas water heater and put in an electric one.

I got a call from the plumber later in the day when I was home…Amerigas went there with a “sniffer” and detected a propane leak from the internal unit, a manufacturers malfunction.  So he said that not only had he messed up before with a leak from the line, but this was not his fault.  He removed the unit and now we will have an electric tankless hot water system.  Next Spring, the wall furnace that is propane will be removed and we are going all electric…I have had it with propane!

So  our little Schnauzer with her own built-in “sniffer” knew something was not right and made us aware of impending danger.  Man oh man I love that dog!

One Response

  1. Kinzee should get a filet mignon! Wow…that’s scary. The manufacturer should be put on alert in case they need to recall that model! Holy moly…you gals are lucky…propane explosions can devastate a whole city block! Kinzee is a hero…call the local tv station…he deserves a spot on the news! I’m glad everyone is okay.

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