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The Bridge…

Yesterday was quite an eventful day at the Cape…I went there to check out the cabinets that we had someone paint.  I was putting our stuff away in the cabinets and started feeling a little sick…headache, nauseous etc.  Then I walked into the bedroom to put something in there…I smelled something kinda nasty and thought maybe a mouse had died in the wall…then it hit me…PROPANE!!!  We had a plumber put in a tankless hot water heater in the bedroom closet to replace the older electric one that was there when we bought the place.  You can bet I got my sorry butt out of there real quick.  Called the plumber, got no answer…so I called my realtor and they got the gas company there right away…they found two gas leaks!   I was really upset at what could have been a very dangerous situation.  I bet my realtor will not be recommending him to a home owner again!

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